here's to new beginnings (bohemian blues 2.0.)

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I know I already sort of posted about the whole reawakening of this blog but I’ve been thinking, and I’ve come to the conclusion that this blog needs a proper fresh start. I’m not deleting the old posts but I’m changing the name to mark a new beginning. For one, I’ve always been a bit doubtful about Bohemian Blues as a blog name, and secondly, I, my style, and what I’m planning to do with this blog have changed so much since I originally started it that I’m officially announcing the launch of Bohemian Blues 2.0.: Bluejeans & Moonbeams.

 The name comes from one of my favourite songs/records by Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band, as well as the first vinyl record I’ve ever owned. I think it also describes my personal style to some degree, seeing as my wardrobe is pretty much 50% denim, and I’m a bit crazy about moon-themed jewellery. Not to mention how much influence music in general has on my style. The Moon is also my birth planet, and I was born on a Monday which is the day of the Moon, and on top of that, moonstone is my birth stone. I have a bit of an obsession with all things moon, anyway. Overall I also just really like the ring of it, so there we go.

I currently have quite a few little things and projects brewing up, which I’ll elaborate on later. I’m definitely having some strange and wonderful gush of inspiration going on lately and I’m just flooding with ideas, not just for this blog, but in general. Like I said in the earlier post, I probably will be quite busy this coming year but I’ll try to keep blogging whenever I can. I actually already have a few posts waiting to be finished so, do stay tuned!

p.s. Also considering changing the URL of the blog but not sure if old readers would still find it... In any case don't forget to follow me on Blogger or Bloglovin' to keep posted!

Suomeksi lisäisin tällä kertaa vaan semmoista, että suomen kieltä näkyy täällä blogissa harmi kyllä tästä lähtien varmaan paljon vähemmän. Kirjoitan tekstit tänne aina ensin englanniksi, ja niiden kääntäminen lisää vaan niin paljon aikaa jokaiseen postaukseen, ja se tuntuu joskus aika rasittavalta. Koska kirjoitan yliopistoesseet ja muut myös englanniksi, musta tuntuu että mun kirjoittelut sujuu nykyään jopa sulavammin englannin kielellä. En kuitenkaan lupaa etten muuta mieltäni tästäkin! Haleja. 

 xx Elina

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  1. If you change the URL, the readers are not going to see your posts even if they are following you via Blogger, because the "follower registration" is done with the URL. Not sure about Bloglovin', but from what I've understood you register your blog there with the blog's URL, so the same problem would remain.

    So please do tell us in advance if and when (and to what) you're changing the URL (to) - I'd love to keep reading the blog!

    xxx S