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There we go, the results of an outfit shoot from earlier this spring, just as promised. Seeing as English springtime (or any time of the year for that matter) is a bit temperamental in terms of weather, it kind of forces you to dress for every possible type of weather in the morning, because even if you head out the door to meet a perfectly sunny start for the day there's just no saying that you won't be hit by a massive rainstorm an hour later. Also, even smack in the middle of summer the wind in this town is insane.

That's why this vintage wool coat and massive scarf from Zara was a go-to pairing of mine in the milder months. They're light but at the same time cosy and warm - basically the closest you can get to going out in public wrapped in a blanket while still being socially acceptable. Also, I'm loving the clash of prints going on - a bit of art student vibes never hurt anyone. With the hat, boots and denim I also get a slight Americana feel from this outfit which, honestly, has been a recurring theme in my style lately. So obviously for accompanying music I picked some Tom Petty to match both the theme and the background in this post. Enjoy! Will try to get more recent stuff photographed soon!

p.s. Photo credit to my lovely housemate Jess - how lucky am I to have two photography students as housemates?

Tässä tuloksia aikaisemmalta kuvaussessiolta tältä keväältä. Täydellisen strateginen asu Englannin älyttömiin sääolosuhteisiin - ja varmaan tän lähemmäksi ei voi vilttiin kietoutuneena kulkemiseen ihmisten ilmoilla päästä niin, että se silti on sosiaalisesti hyväksyttävää. Printtiyhdistelmästä saan taideopiskelijaviboja, hattu + bootsit + farkut puolestaan tuo vähän americanan henkeä sekaan. Koitan piakkoin saada vähän tuoreempaa materiaalia postattua, siihen asti - pus!

 xx Elina

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  1. Olipa hauska huomata sun postailleen pitkästä aikaa! :-) Upeita kuvia!